Fixed price, no suprises afterwards, or monthly payments to keep your website updated and have extra services. Ask for more details..

ICT Solutions

Solutions for common mail and IT problems, webhosting, domainname registration, SSL certificates, teamviewer assistant and website migration.

Fast delivery for printwork

Quick service for small print media, such as flyers, posters, business cards and restaurant and bar related media expressions

Updated software and tools

We use all latest software and applications to design and create your work: Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress themes: Divi, WordPress tool: Elementor

Our clients say:

"In the land of webdesign it is easy to get lost according to my personal experience. With Arjen Bodewes from QUABmedia you know where you stand. Both in design and in costs. Arjen offers a number of scenarios and knows how to coordinate this well with the needs of his client. In my case I wanted a transparent site that I can maintain myself. His creativity has led to a fast, pleasant and flexible collaboration whereby I also entrust my house style and maintenance at a very good price and quality ratio!"
Ghita Ramdhiansing
Co Founder
"We were looking for a news and blog website for our XRP community. A website that is easy to adjust in a newspaper-like format. QUABmedia has implemented our corporate identity and designed a logo. The result is impressive and Arjen from QUABmedia is very flexible and easy to reach!"
"I hired Arjen as a WordPress specialist since 2018, for several technical issues with my company and personal website. Arjen is always easy to reach and super flexible. I would really recommend him to fix these annoying technical issues."